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Business Operations Manager

SA Operations: “The Teamwork is the Best Part of the Job”

August 20, 2021 Success Academy

From the beginning at SA, we’ve made it our mission to create schools where children want to return each day and feel at home in beautiful classrooms — and the SA Operations staff make this vision come to life. Read more

Solving Problems and Jumping Rope: One MilVet’s Life as a Business Operations Manager

May 20, 2019 Success Academy

After serving in the military for over 11 years, John Bolsch joined Success Academy in May 2018 as a Business Operations Manager (BOM). We spent the day with John to learn more about what it takes to remain proactive and responsive to the fast-paced nature of school operations. Read more

From Platoon Leader to Business Operations Manager — A Day in the Life of Tunde Osilaja

November 9, 2017 Success Academy

William “Tunde” Osilaja joined Success Academy as a Business Operations Manager (BOM) in September 2016 at our Bronx 3 Middle School. BOMs report directly to our Principals and serve as key members of a school’s leadership team. On October 20, 2017, we accompanied Tunde as he went about his day as a Business Operations Manager. Read more

After Serving Overseas, a Veteran Finds Success

March 6, 2017 Success Academy

Five years ago, Andrew Batwash was deployed in Afghanistan, leading efforts to defuse roadside bombs. Read more

Why I Rally: A Future for Kids in Queens

September 15, 2016 Amanda Hladky

This year, public charter school families and staff will again come together to march and make our voices heard on Wednesday, September 28. Read more

Secret Spies and Special Bowties

May 31, 2016 Shea Reeder

Meet the Dapper Young Gentlemen Society — 25 boys who are committed to being exemplary members of the school community. Read more