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Seeing School Through A Different Lens

January 4, 2023 Success Academy

Can photography help us become better people? Rasheed Williams, photography teacher at Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts—Manhattan, is passionate about the answer. That’s why he created Studio Squad, the school’s first-ever photography club, which encourages scholars to not only embrace their creative side but also their leadership skills.  Created for all experience... Read more

The Comeback Kids — Scholars Revive Theater Tech Post-Covid

September 14, 2022 Success Academy

Rosemary Sena and Devin Jenkins-Drumgold joined the Theater Tech Crew at Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts—Manhattan as freshmen in 2019, starting first as “runners.” The runner role helps scholars discover the aspects they love the most about Theater Tech, which manages the set design, lighting, audio, and behind-the-scenes of performances, so that... Read more

Gay-Straight Alliance: Building a Welcoming Community

June 22, 2022 Success Academy

We all know the start of the 2020-21 school year posed significant challenges to high school students, including the ongoing pandemic and the continued adjustment to virtual learning. Socializing with friends and avoiding feelings of isolation were not always a possibility — posing another significant challenge.  For Rachel Bochman, a sophomore at HSLA–Manhattan at the... Read more

More Important than Ever: How This High School Scholar Started a Club to Improve Mental Health

May 31, 2022 Success Academy

At Success Academy, we take mental health just as seriously as physical health. That’s why we’ve partnered with Uwill to provide easy access to counseling and other tools for high school scholars, all at no cost. That’s also why, near the beginning of the pandemic, current HSLA–Manhattan senior Awa Traore and her advisor, Marwah Sheikh,... Read more

Gardening Club: How SA Scholars Are Celebrating our Planet

April 22, 2022 Success Academy

Bella Vasquez, a freshman at Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts — Manhattan, lives in an apartment full of plants, thanks to the love of gardening she shares with her mother. She was taught at an early age how to care for plants and how to put certain ones, like the aloe they... Read more

Leading to the Beat: How A High School Freshman Became the “Afrobeat Queen”

July 1, 2019 Success Academy

Wuraola Adetola goes by many different names. Her parents call her “Wuraola.” Her friends call her “Wura.” At Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, however, she’s been dubbed the “Afrobeat Queen,” for bringing her love of dancing and an urge to try something new to create the Afrobeats Club. Read more

Next Stop: High School!

June 27, 2019 Success Academy

This spring, Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts hosted a Meet Your Classmates event, inviting incoming freshmen to explore opportunities at the high school, talk to teachers and current scholars, and get a head-start on making new friends. Read more

I’m a Woman, I Can Do Anything: Ladies First at SA Harlem 1

May 24, 2019 Success Academy

Among the young women of the Ladies First Club, the most popular future profession is president of the United States, followed closely by a job in fashion. Every Tuesday at 4:00PM, the scholars of the Ladies First Club put on their signature hair bows, personalized with their names, and gather in room 344. Read more

Where Girl Power Reigns

June 21, 2017 Success Academy

The SA Crown Heights Girls Group, the brainchild of special education teacher Cole Yaverbaum, offers scholars a place to discuss everything from racial inequality to friendships, to their future ambitions and social justice. Read more

Secret Spies and Special Bowties

May 31, 2016 Shea Reeder

Meet the Dapper Young Gentlemen Society — 25 boys who are committed to being exemplary members of the school community. Read more