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Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of a Middle School English Teacher

February 24, 2020 Success Academy

Finn Freymann — an English teacher at SA Bed-Stuy Middle School — describes teaching as trying to master the unmasterable profession. He joined SA BSMS last year and quickly progressed to a position as lead teacher. For Mr. Freymann, the scholars are his motivation and the BSMS community is one of warmth, laughter, and smart faculty all asking, “How can I help you today?” Read more

A Day in the Life of an SA Science Teacher

January 15, 2020 Success Academy

Rhea May is in her seventh year of teaching science at SA Bed-Stuy 1. We spent a day with her to find out what drew her to teaching, how she manages work-life balance, and what it’s really like teaching science at Success Academy! Read more

Calculating and Counting with Miles: A Day in the Life of an SA 4th Grader

August 5, 2019 Success Academy

SA Upper West scholar Miles loves to think about the world in terms of numbers and mathematical relationships. We had a chance to join Miles in his daily adventures in calculating, reading, and playing, and you can follow along! Read more

From Mongols to Majors: A Day in the Life of a High School History Teacher

June 6, 2019 Success Academy

Amanda Levy loves teaching about the past — while preparing her scholars for their futures. As a ninth grade World History teacher at Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, she’s used to discussing everything from Mongols to majors with her scholars. Read more

Solving Problems and Jumping Rope: One MilVet’s Life as a Business Operations Manager

May 20, 2019 Success Academy

After serving in the military for over 11 years, John Bolsch joined Success Academy in May 2018 as a Business Operations Manager (BOM). We spent the day with John to learn more about what it takes to remain proactive and responsive to the fast-paced nature of school operations. Read more

At Home in the Classroom: Former Harlem Resident Returns to Teach

February 8, 2019 Success Academy

When Tyreen Sims decided to change careers from psychologist to teacher, she hadn’t expected to work across the street from where she grew up — with a principal she’s known since elementary school. This is the happy accident that unfolded at Success Academy Harlem 2, where Tyreen started as a lead science teacher in 2015. She took us inside her school to show us exactly what makes it feel like home. Read more

Keeping up with Keagan! A Day in the Life of a Success Academy Scholar

December 18, 2018 Success Academy

Even though Keagan Whitehurst-Nicks is still learning and growing — after all, he’s only in fourth grade — there are a few things that he’s absolutely certain about. The first is that he will one day host his own talk show, titled Keeping up with Keagan. Secondly, his favorite subjects are theater and math. Third,... Read more

A Day in the Life with a Success Academy School Psychologist

February 23, 2018 Success Academy

In August 2015, Angela Moyer joined the faculty of Success Academy Fort Greene as an elementary school psychologist. Now she works directly with scholars, teachers, school leadership, and families to develop strategies for scholars to grow and learn not just academically, but also socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. We recently spent a day with Angela to learn what it takes to to help children achieve the highest degree of success — inside and outside the classroom. Read more

Learning to Lead: A Day In the Life of Leadership Fellow Veronica Wilson

December 15, 2017 Success Academy

Veronica Wilson was thrilled when she learned that SA had a Leadership Fellows program that helps professionals from fields outside of education bring their skills to SA as school leaders and educators. L Fellows are mentored by their senior leaders and assume increasing responsibility during their first year in our schools. Last month, we accompanied Veronica as she went about her Monday at SA Bed Stuy MS. Join us and learn more about the L Fellow role through Veronica’s eyes. Read more

From Platoon Leader to Business Operations Manager — A Day in the Life of Tunde Osilaja

November 9, 2017 Success Academy

William “Tunde” Osilaja joined Success Academy as a Business Operations Manager (BOM) in September 2016 at our Bronx 3 Middle School. BOMs report directly to our Principals and serve as key members of a school’s leadership team. On October 20, 2017, we accompanied Tunde as he went about his day as a Business Operations Manager. Read more