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Reinventing Middle School Science

August 20, 2021 Success Academy

This year, we’re proud to introduce a brand-new middle school science curriculum across all 15 SA middle schools. Read more

Taking the Higher Ground at Success Academy Washington Heights

November 21, 2017 Kelsey DePalo

There’s a physical border in the form of a massive cliff cutting off Hudson Heights from the rest of Washington Heights, but it’s the metaphorical barrier that truly divides. There are well-documented socioeconomic and ethnic differences that fall along this division. I am hopeful that we — Success Academy staff, faculty, and parents — are raising these citizens of the world that know how to embrace diversity and create positive change. Together, we’re shaping future leaders who will shatter metaphorical cliffs. Read more

“This is going to be the best year of my life!”

October 25, 2017 Cynthia Cummings

Last week, hundreds of charter school parents gathered in Brooklyn’s Cadman Plaza to advocate for educational equality across the city. Cynthia Cummings, a parent at Success Academy Bed Stuy 1 and Success Academy Bed Stuy Middle School, shared her story at the event. Read more

Success Parents and Scholars Ask, “Why Isn’t the Mayor Giving Our Schools Space?”

September 26, 2017 Success Academy

With 112 chronically underutilized school buildings and a total of 65,000 empty seats available — parents are asking why is the city taking so long to find space for Success Academy middle schoolers. District families know what their middle school options are — why are Success parents treated differently? Read more

Paying It Forward: Why I’m Fighting for Success Academy Pre-K

May 2, 2017 Pierre Delsoin

Last year, I did something I had never done before: I wrote a petition and put it on I did this because my daughter’s pre-kindergarten class, where she had grown and learned so much, was being forced to shut down. Read more

More to the Story: The Latest Times Piece on Charters

January 27, 2017 Brian Whitley

The New York Times ran a story by Kate Taylor on January 24 with the headline “Harlem Schools Are Left to Fail as Those Not Far Away Thrive.” The article correctly points out that many Harlem families are leaving district schools in District 3 and enrolling their children in higher-performing charters. Read more

Come Inside the #PathToPossible Day of Action in Albany

January 20, 2017 Success Academy

On Wednesday, dedicated parents, teachers, and scholars from SA Far Rockaway, SA Flatbush, and SA Bushwick joined more than 1,000 other NYC charter advocates in Albany to urge state legislators to stand with charter families and ensure our scholars get equal funding and access to facilities. Read more

Mayor de Blasio: Our Kids Need Space

November 15, 2016 Eva Moskowitz

The city’s proposal to temporarily house Success Academy middle school students from five Brooklyn elementary schools in just two locations is not “reasonable, adequate, or comparable.” Read more

The NAACP is on the Wrong Side of History

October 23, 2016 Khari Shabazz

The NAACP, arguably the nation’s most influential and long standing civil rights organization, approved a moratorium on public charter schools. Read more

Great Moments from the Path to Possible March in Prospect Park

September 29, 2016 Success Academy

On September 28, 2016, 25,000 parents, scholars, educators, and city leaders came together in Prospect Park to take a stand on high-quality public education and ending the racial achievement gap. Read more