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All the World’s a Page: Congratulations to our Success Academy Authors!

January 9, 2019 Success Academy

If there’s one thing we love even as much as reading at Success Academy, it’s helping our scholars find and develop their writing voices. From elementary school onwards, our scholars practice writing every single day. Once they’ve learned to convey strong and precise ideas with clarity, purpose, and structure, they have a lifelong tool for... Read more

The Joy of an Old-Fashioned Spelling Bee

October 26, 2018 Success Academy

Every fall at Success Academy, our school communities become extremely excited for several not-to-be-missed events. One, of course, is the annual Halloween Parade. Another is far less commonly found in schools these days: a good old-fashioned Spelling Bee. We love our Bees because they foster determination and confidence in scholars — plus they’re fun! Read more

Digging Deep and Thinking Big About Middle School Reading at the Robertson Center

October 22, 2018 John Snowdy

Last week, John Snowdy found himself back in the student's desk alongside fellow educators from across the country. They were at Success Academy’s Robertson Center, a new center for educator training, to learn more about the network’s approach to teaching middle school reading. Read more

Zombie Cows and Giant Peaches: Scholars Spill the Beans on Their Favorite Summer Books

August 4, 2017 Success Academy

This summer, our scholars are getting lost in great books for hours in the park, on the train, and at home. Five Success Academy scholars dish on their favorite books of summer 2017 — and where they like to read. Read more

Author Kwame Alexander: ‘Words Can Change the World’

July 11, 2017 Success Academy

Kwame Alexander, author of 24 books (and counting) and winner of numerous awards such as the 2015 John Newbery Medal for the Most Distinguished Contribution to American Literature for Children, shares some reading encouragement with Success Academy families. Happy #summerSOAR! Read more

Finding the “Swing” of Teamwork Through a Love of Reading

January 31, 2017 Success Academy

Every day, 14,000 scholars walk into vibrant orange-and-blue Success Academy hallways ready to learn. Two thousand professionals — teachers, school psychologists, operations managers — enter 41 different schools ready to support those scholars. Read more

Spreading Baldwin’s Message of Love and Social Justice in Harlem

December 1, 2016 Dr. Lindsey R. Swindall

Perhaps no other American writer offered a more critical and searing look at racial inequality in America than James Baldwin, who published poems, non-fiction essays, and books from the 1950s until his death in 1987. Read more

Teachers Use Literature, Art, and Poetry as Platform to Discuss a Contentious Election

November 21, 2016 Success Academy

The day after the election, scholars had many questions about the future of our country. Read more

My Scholars Rocked a Write-A-Thon — With a Little Help from Ray Bradbury

November 1, 2016 Nikolas Weiss

On Friday, October 7, our scholars spent an entire half day composing stories in different genres, from dystopia, to romance, to thrillers. Read more

To My Daughter’s Teachers Who Inspired Her to Write a Book

May 11, 2016 Marie Bang

I was studying for my nursing exam and couldn’t be interrupted, so I told her to read a book. “I’m not reading a book,” she said. “I’m going to write one.” Read more