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Middle School

Middle School Advisory – Life Lessons and More

March 2, 2023 Success Academy

It’s 8:30 a.m. at SA Harlem West Middle School and classrooms are abuzz with scholars’ conversations — and not just about the latest chess tournament, math homework, or an upcoming debate in history.  Instead, they’re comparing techniques for time management and sharing tips with each other.  These scholars are in their Advisory block, a dedicated... Read more

Middle School Friendships – The Inside Scoop

January 27, 2023 Success Academy

Calling all Success Academy fourth graders! Curious about what middle school has in store for you? We got to chat with two of our amazing middle school Ambassadors, SA Midtown West eighth grader Mitali Jhaveri and SA Ozone Park fifth grader Mi-Aijah Charles, who want to tell you more about making friends in SA middle... Read more

I Was Nervous About Middle School. Here’s Why I Didn’t Need to Be

January 12, 2023 Success Academy

On my first day of fifth grade at Success Academy Midtown West Middle School, I was nervous. Really nervous! I loved elementary school and, by the end of fourth grade, I knew what to expect each day and what was expected of me. I was worried about all the new things I’d have to deal... Read more

For Parents, By Parents: Adjusting Your Child To Middle School

November 7, 2022 Success Academy

Attention soon-to-be middle school scholars and families: we have a special message to you from one of our own SA Hudson Yards Middle School moms! Cynthia Vasquez, mom to a current 5th grader, wanted us to pass this along:  Dear future middle school scholars, open your mind and heart to becoming a middle schooler! Always... Read more

I learned that SA is a cut above the rest

November 1, 2022 Success Academy

Is there life beyond Success Academy? Yes, there is. I experienced it, and I’m here to tell you that I’m so glad to be back! Truly, there’s no place quite like SA, for both educators and scholars.  When COVID-19 hit, I — like so many other people — took a step back to reflect on... Read more

Your SA Middle School Questions, Answered

March 9, 2022 Success Academy

Earlier this school year, we announced our first cohort of Middle School Ambassadors. These five scholars were selected by their principals as some of the most active and upstanding in their school communities — and particularly well-suited to help third- and fourth-grade families learn the ins and outs of what it means to be an... Read more

Sorting Out Your Choices: How Do Success Academy Middle Schools Compare?

February 11, 2022 Success Academy

Last year, the NYC Department of Education changed its admissions process for middle schools, and for a second year, students will be admitted primarily by lottery. Grades, state test results, and attendance records will not be taken into consideration. This process presents a number of challenges for families, points out Alina Adams, mother of two... Read more

Reinventing Middle School Science

August 20, 2021 Success Academy

This year, we’re proud to introduce a brand-new middle school science curriculum across all 15 SA middle schools. Read more

Success Academy Rolls Out New Middle School World History Curriculum

February 4, 2021 Success Academy

Why do so many students seem to think that the world started in 1776 after the founding of America? Our history staff worked hard to reimagine a curriculum that gives scholars a global perspective. Success Academy Rolls Out New Middle School World History Curriculum Read more

Sir Isaac Newton Transforms SA’s Science Symposium

December 7, 2020 Success Academy

When the middle school science team realized that the annual Science Symposium would need to be held remotely, they set to work looking for a solution — and a silver lining. Read more