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Why I love Audible: A Mother’s Tale

December 22, 2020 georgia.west

With a 17-year-old heading to college next year and a 14-year-old freshman in high school, I am at the tail end of hands-on parenting. There is, however, one thing I still do regularly with my kids: listen to books on Audible. Read more

What it Means to be an Advocate for NYC Kids

January 10, 2020 Success Academy

Success Academy families go above and beyond to advocate for high-quality public education — and every parent brings their personal strengths and passions to the fight for educational equity. Read more

My Family Chose Success Over a G&T School — Now the Mayor Wants to Take That Option Away

September 18, 2019 Success Academy

Jamaal Salah knew he had to go the extra mile as a dad at SA Far Rockaway — for his daughter, and for all kids. Read more

From SA Parent to Principal-in-Training: A Conversation with Robertson Leadership Fellow Jessica Nelson-Clark

July 26, 2019 Success Academy

Robertson Leadership Fellow Jessica Nelson-Clark led a choice session at New Teacher Training about building strong relationships with parents — from the perspective of a parent! Read more

What Does it Mean to be Waitlisted? A Success Academy Parent Asks

May 10, 2019 Megan Pryor

I was accepted to every single charter school I applied for — except Success Academy. My SA results read: “Waitlist – Likely.” What does that even mean? I thought. How likely is likely? Read more

We’re the Same, But Different: Autism Awareness at SA Bronx 3

April 30, 2019 Success Academy

Earlier this month, SA Bronx 3 hosted an Autism Awareness Day to celebrate differences and teach about inclusion. Read more

Success Academy High School Dean (and Mom): They Might Not Admit It — They’re Teens, After All — But Our Kids Love School

April 2, 2019 Ronda Ramos

Last week, SA 8th graders who applied to a district high school received their placement offers. It reminded me of when my daughter was deciding where to go for high school. Ultimately, she chose to stay at SA, and she is now in 11th grade, with a great group of friends both new and old, a high GPA, close relationships with teachers and deans, and a passion for track in which she excels. Neither she nor I have ever regretted her decision to stay at SA. Read more

We Are Family!

December 14, 2018 Success Academy

As our scholars, staff, and families enjoy the holiday season and winter break, we want to express our gratitude for everyone who is working together to build magical schools for our kids. You’ve created a community that wants for all children what we would want for our own; in fact, there are almost 60 of you who are so committed to our schools that you are both employees and Success Academy parents! Read more

9 Scholars and Counting: My Family’s Journey to Success Academy

August 27, 2018 Nana Hawawu Alawiye

In total, there are nine children in my family attending Success Academy this year. Eight of them are at SA Harlem 5, and my eldest just started sixth grade at SA Harlem West. We almost “bleed” blue and orange, and love celebrating together with the group picture at both the start and the end of the year! Read more

Don’t Fear the Third Grade (or Why I Love My Child’s Teachers)

May 11, 2018 Polina Bulman

When my daughter, Sofia, started third grade earlier this year at Success Academy Bensonhurst, I was nervous. Third grade — that means the start of state testing. And while I knew that Success Academy scholars generally do very well on these tests, I was concerned that “test prep” was all she would get out of... Read more