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Growth Beyond Grade Level

February 22, 2023 Success Academy

“I don’t understand.”  Those are the words I heard night after night from my second grader, Philip, as he stared at his unfinished homework. Since his ADHD diagnosis, Philip seemed unable to tell me or his teachers what he wasn’t comprehending. The second he struggled, he’d zone out and give up altogether. His teachers, eager... Read more

Why I love Audible: A Mother’s Tale

December 22, 2020 georgia.west

With a 17-year-old heading to college next year and a 14-year-old freshman in high school, I am at the tail end of hands-on parenting. There is, however, one thing I still do regularly with my kids: listen to books on Audible. Read more

We Asked Parents How We Were Doing, and Here’s What They Had to Say

July 7, 2020 Success Academy

At SA, we consider families our most important partners — which is why we take parent feedback very seriously! Read more