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Learning by Reading, Learning by Talking

July 29, 2015 Sara Yu

For the past few weeks, I’ve focused on ways to help kids’ reading and writing soar while school is out. But children aren’t the only ones who keep learning over the summer; all our school team members learn, too. Read more

Summer Soar: Write All About It

July 13, 2015 Sara Yu

Four ways to take your scholar's summer writing to the next level! Read more

Summer Soar: Let Books Inspire Your Travels

June 26, 2015 Sara Yu

We’re incredibly lucky to live in NYC, where some of the all-time best children’s books are set... Read more

Summer Soar: Reading Challenge Accepted

June 19, 2015 Sara Yu

Reading challenges are a simple, creative way to inspire the reluctant readers among us and a tool to keep pushing avid readers to new heights. They are also a powerful antidote against summer slide. Read more

Summer Soar: Using Books to Enhance Summer Adventures

June 12, 2015 Sara Yu

We don’t want to just prevent summer slide; we want to reverse it. We want to achieve Summer Soar. Read more

Danger Ahead: Summer Learning Loss

June 7, 2015 Sara Yu

Numerous studies indicate that kids who don’t read regularly over the summer fall an average of two months behind, and that children from lower-income homes are most at risk. Read more

A Home (and a Life) Full of Books

May 15, 2015 Sara Yu

In my one-bedroom apartment, you will also find six free-standing bookcases and a hall closet that’s been converted into a book nook. Read more

When Not To Get E-Books for Kids

May 8, 2015 Sara Yu

Print books are still valuable. Here are three reasons why you should choose print over digital books, especially for younger children... Read more

Are E-Books Good for Kids?

May 1, 2015 Sara Yu

On Thursday President Obama announced a plan to make $250 million worth of e-books available to public libraries as part of an effort to expand literacy and “digital connectivity” among low-income students... Read more

Poetry is NOT Dead

April 19, 2015 Sara Yu

Somewhere along the way, poetry seems to have developed a reputation for being boring, old-fashioned, and impossible to understand. Sure, there are plenty of esoteric and oblique poems out there, but there are hundreds and hundreds of poems that are accessible and enjoyable for children. Read more