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Success Academy Harlem West

Middle School Advisory – Life Lessons and More

March 2, 2023 Success Academy

It’s 8:30 a.m. at SA Harlem West Middle School and classrooms are abuzz with scholars’ conversations — and not just about the latest chess tournament, math homework, or an upcoming debate in history.  Instead, they’re comparing techniques for time management and sharing tips with each other.  These scholars are in their Advisory block, a dedicated... Read more

What’s So Great About Middle School, Anyway?

January 24, 2019 Success Academy

We asked eighth graders from across our middle schools to tell us about what they loved in middle school. Not surprisingly, many recounted how much they loved their electives and team experiences. We’re excited to share with you the reflections of three eighth graders, from Success Academy Harlem North Central, SA Harlem West, and SA... Read more

The DOE’s Problem with Math

March 30, 2018 Aaron Safane

I know how lucky I am to be a legal counsel with Success Academy Charter Schools. But as much as I like my job, I get so frustrated and angry that lawyers like me even have to get involved for some issues, like the DOE’s absolute refusal to fairly divide space in one building between SA Harlem West and two district schools. Read more

My Scholars Rocked a Write-A-Thon — With a Little Help from Ray Bradbury

November 1, 2016 Nikolas Weiss

On Friday, October 7, our scholars spent an entire half day composing stories in different genres, from dystopia, to romance, to thrillers. Read more

Stop Playing Racial Politics with Our Kids

November 19, 2015 Khari Shabazz

We believe in teaching our scholars to be self-advocates, to respectfully but forcefully stand up for what is right and fair. That’s why it was so important for me and my fellow principals and other Success Academy leaders and parents to respond to false claims by the Alliance for Quality Education and other union-backed agitators last week. Read more

How 9-Year-Old Luis Landed On the Cover of the New Humans of New York Book

October 15, 2015 Amanda Simmons

It was a casual encounter in Harlem that brought the two of them together. Read more