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An Inside Look at Re-TET (Teacher Excellence Training)

March 24, 2023 Success Academy

Every school year at Success Academy starts with four-weeks of Teacher Excellence Training — or TET. During this time teachers learn, practice, and get feedback and coaching to help them master the skills they need to drive outstanding learning. In January, we launched another teacher training, a “re-TET,” to help set teachers up for success... Read more

Going for Effort and Intellectualism

February 28, 2023 Success Academy

Robbie Sellers, program manager for High School Math Learning Quality, recently taught an eighth-grade math class that was a powerful exemplar of two key SA priorities: Getting effort on homework from scholars (in other words, pressing them to complete out-of-school learning with care and exertion so they utilize everything they already know and don’t make... Read more

A Founding Scholar Comes Home to Teach

November 3, 2022 Success Academy

What sets Faith Rodriguez apart from her colleagues at SA Harlem 1? The first-year associate teacher was once an SA scholar herself! Faith began attending SA in 2006 as a first-grade Harlem 1 scholar, and the educational impact was so monumental that Faith returned to teach third grade after graduating from college. “Success played a huge role... Read more

Beyond the Canvas: Art in the Digital Age

April 8, 2022 Success Academy

When Winnie Gu first accepted a job to teach at Success Academy, she had one key goal in mind: to instill in her students the same love of exploratory learning and passion for creativity that she has been cultivating since a young age. Now a K-2 art teacher at SA Cobble Hill, her classes go... Read more

My Unexpected Path to Teaching

February 7, 2022 Bora Tarimcilar

When Bora Tarimcilar (Tufts ‘19, B.A. Civil Engineering) stepped onto campus as a freshman at Tufts University, he hadn’t imagined that in just a few years he would be working in New York City as a seventh-grade lead math teacher; Bora was a civil engineering major with an interest in architecture as a career. Here,... Read more

SA Teachers Share Their Proudest Classroom Memories

December 2, 2021 Success Academy

Amazing things happen every day inside Success Academy’s classrooms. Working in schools can be challenging, but there are always experiences that make the hard work worthwhile. Our teachers focus intensely on creating a perfect learning environment — planting the seeds and providing all the ingredients for our scholars to blossom intellectually, socially, and emotionally. To... Read more

Rookie of the Year Award Winners Share Their Success Secrets

July 12, 2021 Success Academy

We asked some of our top second-year educators to share some guidance for new teachers getting ready to step into their classrooms for the first time. Read more

10 Ways to Stay Energized During Remote Teaching

October 16, 2020 Success Academy

How do our teachers manage to keep their minds and bodies energized in the remote environment? Find out below. Read more

10 Tips for Building Community in the Remote Classroom

August 21, 2020 Success Academy

For new scholars and new teachers, remote learning can feel overwhelming — how can we feel together when we’re so far apart? We asked teachers who excelled at remote learning in the spring for their advice on building community in the classroom. Read more

23 Ways to Say We Love You!

May 11, 2020 Success Academy

Teachers are truly our superheroes — as scholars made clear through many messages of love and thanks that they’ve shared. Read more