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Theater in the Age of Remote Learning

October 23, 2020 Success Academy

When SA closed its classroom doors in March and cancelled HSLA’s spring show, Ms. Diaz and senior theater teacher Courtney Edwards made a decision that — against all odds, remote or hybrid — a fall play performance was not a matter of if but how. Read more

When the Magic of the Stage Brings Us Together

February 26, 2020 Success Academy

If there’s one thing we celebrate at Success Academy, it’s self expression — and nowhere is that more apparent than on the night of the annual Festival of Performing Arts. This is one of the most exciting events of the Success Academy school year, a chance for scholars to walk onto the stage and express... Read more

The Power of Performing Arts

March 4, 2019 Success Academy

SA Union Square is buzzing as performers run through a tech rehearsal for the annual Performing Arts Festival. The festival has been in the works since the fall, with schools from across the network refining dance, chorus, band, theater, and poetry pieces in hopes that they will be included in the evening’s program. All in all, 363 scholars from 16 schools were selected to perform in the event on February 20 — a sold-out success. Read more

Child’s Play: Cardboard, Creativity, and a Lot of Laughter

October 3, 2018 John Stone

Last week, my organization — The Paper Bag Players — honored Eva Moskowitz with The Susan Newhouse Award, which we give each year to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional support of our mission and vision. The Paper Bag Players is a performing arts organization founded 60 years ago by modern dancers, along with an... Read more

Success Academy Teacher Activist Stages a Comeback

August 17, 2018 Stephen Ferrell

It’s often said that teachers wear many hats throughout their careers. In May, that saying took on a very personal meaning when we were told that our school, SA Lafayette Middle School, would likely not be allowed to open because of a bureaucratic technicality. I was determined to fight for our kids, so I spent the past few months growing not only as an educator and as an artist, but also as an activist and advocate. Read more

Watching My Scholars Grow as They Prepare for a Musical Theater Extravaganza

June 5, 2018 Nicole Carlson

“Ok scholars, take out your music! We’re going to start with I Just Can’t Wait to be King! This number needs to be cleaned up drastically!” So began our rehearsal last week for this year’s fourth-grade musical, The Lion King, which is premiering tomorrow. It’s the second year of a new tradition at SA Fort... Read more

Alternative Names for Black Boys

November 4, 2016 Sentell Harper

As a theater teacher, I believe in the power of self expression and have witnessed the profound effect performance can have both as an actor and as an audience member. Read more

Closing the Experience Gap: Scholars Learn and Grow at Summer Camps

August 19, 2015 Corinne Adams

This summer, Success Academy connected scholars with several experiential programs, setting up camps for students who excel in chess, basketball, and soccer and partnering with the renowned Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts, where four of our middle school scholars indulged their passion for art, creative writing, and choral singing. Read more

Bringing A Great Musical (and Grit) to the Stage

May 14, 2015 Courtney Edwards

This Friday and Saturday, 22 scholars from Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts will perform in the school’s musical production of Schoolhouse Rock Live! It’s a show that follows a nervous new teacher on his first day with students. Read more

Meet the Cast of ‘Charlie Brown’: Our Musical Journey Continues

March 18, 2015 Jacqui Friedman

Twenty-five middle school musical theater scholars from SA Harlem North West and SA Harlem North Central have been busy preparing to perform Charlie Brown, Success Academy's first-ever middle school musical! Read more