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Portal to Another World: An Ode to Books

June 11, 2019 Success Academy

We’re so excited to announce that our very own Harlem North West 8th grader, Amaris Asiedu, won the Third Annual Young Readers Prize! Read more

All the World’s a Page: Congratulations to our Success Academy Authors!

January 9, 2019 Success Academy

If there’s one thing we love even as much as reading at Success Academy, it’s helping our scholars find and develop their writing voices. From elementary school onwards, our scholars practice writing every single day. Once they’ve learned to convey strong and precise ideas with clarity, purpose, and structure, they have a lifelong tool for... Read more

The Joy of an Old-Fashioned Spelling Bee

October 26, 2018 Success Academy

Every fall at Success Academy, our school communities become extremely excited for several not-to-be-missed events. One, of course, is the annual Halloween Parade. Another is far less commonly found in schools these days: a good old-fashioned Spelling Bee. We love our Bees because they foster determination and confidence in scholars — plus they’re fun! Read more

What I Saw in Success Academy Classrooms

December 19, 2017 Dr. Elisa New

In 2016, Dr. Elisa New learned about Success Academy Charter Schools. She had the opportunity to collaborate with Success through her organization, Poetry in America, which offers online courses on poetry for the general public and for English and Social Studies teachers. Lessons filmed in Success Academy classrooms now anchor key sections of her professional development courses. Read more

Poetry and Transformations in Ireland

August 3, 2017 Autumn Swepson

In July, Success Academy Scholar Autumn Swepson traveled to Ireland with Putney Student Travel: Writing in Ireland. This unique travel experience brought together carefully selected student writers to explore the literary roots and storytelling traditions of Ireland, all while improving their own craft. Read more

My Scholars Rocked a Write-A-Thon — With a Little Help from Ray Bradbury

November 1, 2016 Nikolas Weiss

On Friday, October 7, our scholars spent an entire half day composing stories in different genres, from dystopia, to romance, to thrillers. Read more

To My Daughter’s Teachers Who Inspired Her to Write a Book

May 11, 2016 Marie Bang

I was studying for my nursing exam and couldn’t be interrupted, so I told her to read a book. “I’m not reading a book,” she said. “I’m going to write one.” Read more

Closing the Experience Gap: Scholars Learn and Grow at Summer Camps

August 19, 2015 Corinne Adams

This summer, Success Academy connected scholars with several experiential programs, setting up camps for students who excel in chess, basketball, and soccer and partnering with the renowned Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts, where four of our middle school scholars indulged their passion for art, creative writing, and choral singing. Read more

Summer Soar: Write All About It

July 13, 2015 Sara Yu

Four ways to take your scholar's summer writing to the next level! Read more

Poetry is NOT Dead

April 19, 2015 Sara Yu

Somewhere along the way, poetry seems to have developed a reputation for being boring, old-fashioned, and impossible to understand. Sure, there are plenty of esoteric and oblique poems out there, but there are hundreds and hundreds of poems that are accessible and enjoyable for children. Read more